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Children’s Health & Safety Day 2012, Houston, TX

In 2012, the National Institute of Health launched the “We Can! (Ways to Enhance Children’s Activity & Nutrition)” initiative to help children stay at a healthy weight by encouraging healthy eating, increased physical activity, and reduced time in front of a television or computer screen. In support of this initiative, BAPS Charities hosted Children’s Health and Safety Day across North America and spread the message of healthy living to children and their families to help curb obesity and promote healthy eating habits from the early years of childhood. BAPS Charities’ volunteers worked in tandem with local pediatricians, nutritionists, dentists, and nurses to teach children about hygiene, healthy living, and physical activity.

Center Houston, TX

November 3, 2012

Time  1:00 pm to 7:00 pm
No. of Participants 400
No. of Healthcare professionals & specialists
  • 5 Primary Care Physician
  • 5 Dentist
  • 5 Pediatricians
  • 4 Pharmacist
  • 1 ER Specialist (MD)
  • 2 Nurses
  • 1 Police Officer
  • 8 Physical Therapists 
  • 1 EMT (Ambulance Staff)
  • 1 Ophthalmologists
  • 1 Optometrist
  • 1 Dietician
  • 1 Psychiatrist
List of Services provided
  • For Children

    • Ask a Doctor – General counseling on hygiene, immunization and eye care by pediatricians and opthalmologist/optometrist.
    • Be Prepared – How to react to different types of emergency situations and how to avoid common injuries by emergency medical technician and MDs.
    • Tooth talk – Tips on taking care of teeth by dentists.
    • Stay Focused – Tips on improving mental focus by psychiatrist.
    • Eat Healthy – Tips on eating healthy vegetarian diet and awareness about junk food/drinks by dietitians.
    • Be Fit – Encouraging the kids to exercise more by physical therapist.

    For Parentes

    • Protect and Prevent – Tips for children and parents on household safety, avoiding injuries and responding to emergencies. 
    • Personal Hygiene – Tips for parents on how to protect the child from catching common colds, skin
      infections and diarrheal diseases through simple personal hygiene techniques. 
    • Brighter Brain  – Tips for parents and kids on quick ways to nourish and protect growing brains. 
    • Physical Activity –  Guidelines for Children and parents 
      on benefits of physical activity. 
    • Group Exercise Session –  A fun way for the whole family to stay fit
Prizes and Freebies  for Children
  • Special  Prizes: 1 Camera, 1 Automatic Toothbrush
  • Freebies for All Kids: T shirts, drawstring backpacks, whistles, mints, highlighters

I had a lot of fun talking to the experts on the booths. I am going to cut down on sugar, junk food and TV. I will exercise more. I want to come back next year and be a volunteer at this event.

  • Prachi Bramhbhatt, 10 year old participant

I am leaving this event as a more informed parent. I will definitely make time to exercise with my kids every day and make sure that the entire family eats healthy.

  • Pragnesh Prajapati (parent)

Hand hygiene skills learned at this workshop will go a long way in preventing infections and set a tone for maintaining general hygiene as these kids grow up.

  • Dr. Janak Patel (Pediatrics)