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Hurricane Harvey Relief Work – August 29, 2017

The Texas gulf coast has experienced over 50 inches of rain since Hurricane Harvey made landfall on August 25, 2017, with wind gusts reaching upwards of 132 mph. Due to record flooding, thousands of residents were forced from their homes to seek safety. 

The widespread damage and catastrophic flooding made the recovery efforts challenging, as roads and physical infrastructure were largely inaccessible. The essential needs of medical equipment, shelter, water, food, and emergency healthcare were critical for the relief and recovery efforts. 

BAPS Charities volunteers responded to this call to action in Houston and surrounding areas. BAPS Charities and its volunteers worked alongside local state officials and first responders to provide assistance. 

 UPDATE:  Aug 29, 2017

To provide relief to displaced residents, 50 volunteers went to serve hot vegetarians meals to shelters at Marshall and Kempner High Schools. In total 250 meals were served and a total of 100 pillows and blankets were distributed.

In addition, medical volunteers provided urgent care needs at the shelters in Clear Lake, Texas area. Volunteers shuttled evacuees from Riverstone, and Sienna neighborhoods in the Sugar Land, Texas to shelters.