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BAPS Charities partners with Fort Bend County and Houston Food Bank to serve the community affected by Winter Storm Uri

During the week of February 14, 2021, Winter Storm Uri crippled every county in Texas with its chilling arctic blast. As temperatures reached well below freezing, millions were left without electricity, heat, water, and even basic communication technologies such as cell phones and the internet.  Without the basic necessities such as food and water, residents statewide required assistance to recover from this historic freeze.

Fort Bend County Judge Hon. KP George reached out to BAPS Charities for assistance in aiding the Houston community. Within 12 hours, BAPS Charities volunteers, working with Fort Bend County and Houston Food Bank, organized a food and water distribution point in Stafford, TX.

On Saturday, February 20, 2021, from 9 am to 12 pm, a total of 5,500 families were provided with a box of groceries which included vegetables, fruits, milk and water through a drive-thru system. Many individuals from the community were thankful for the services of more than 200 volunteers from the Houston Food Bank and BAPS Charities. Several cities, state and federally elected officials visited the distribution site and acknowledged the call to service from BAPS Charities and its volunteers.

In acknowledging his appreciation, Judge George shared, “Fort Bend is blessed with BAPS Charities and our region is blessed with Houston food bank. You guys were able to put together an amazing event here.” You have contributed to the community immensely like in every event.” commented Mayor of Stafford, Tx, Cecil Willis Jr., “I just can’t continue to express my appreciation to BAPS for what they do to this community.”  In times of calamity and most recently in support of the COVID pandemic, BAPS Charities is thankful for the strength and civic-mindedness of its volunteers and supporters worldwide.