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Health Fair 2008 in Indianapolis, IN

BAPS Charities aims to serve individuals, families and communities in need by providing high quality, low cost health care. 

Annual health fairs are at the core of BAPS Charities’ medical services. Physicians and technicians regularly volunteer their expertise to provide medical care and advice to the increasing number of people who lack access to quality health care. 






September 21, 2008


9:00 am to 2:00 pm

No. of Participants


No. of Doctors & Paramedics


List of Services provided

  1. CBC, CMP, Lipid Profile,TSH (48)
  2. Cholesterol assay(48)
  3. Eye Screening test/Slit lamp test (54)
  4. Blood pressure Screening (60)
  5. Pulmonary Function Test (60)
  6. Screening for obesity –BMI (60) 
  7. Physical Therapy Consultation (30)
  8. Medical Consultation(50)

Health Education

Educational brochures from American College of Physicians on various health awareness topics were distributed.