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Affordable Care Act –Awareness & Enrollment Drive in Jacksonville, FL

Since its passing in 2010, the goal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been to provide affordable health insurance coverage to millions of Americans. The ACA is a complex law with varying requirements for employers, insurance companies, and individuals implemented in phases. Realizing its complexities, BAPS Charities partnered with local organizations and state representatives in Jacksonville, FL to host an ACA signup event. Officials and volunteers helped individuals understand the requirements of the law, relative to their particular situation. They also helped navigate state-established health care exchanges and evaluate health care plans that best fit their personal needs and situation.
BAPS Charities conducts many health- related community outreach events throughout the year from health fairs for the local community and blood donation drives to health lectures aiming to educate communities on an array of health-related topics and preventive measures. BAPS Charities harnessed its decade-long partnerships with local health care organizations and its experience at conducting charitable events to assemble the volunteers and experience necessary for the ACA signup event. Over 4 individuals were able to consult with experts and take advantage of the opportunity to obtain health insurance and meet the ACA requirements.