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Children’s Health & Safety Day 2012, Jersey City, NJ

In 2012, the National Institute of Health launched the “We Can! (Ways to Enhance Children’s Activity & Nutrition)” initiative to help children stay at a healthy weight by encouraging healthy eating, increased physical activity, and reduced time in front of a television or computer screen. In support of this initiative, BAPS Charities hosted Children’s Health and Safety Day across North America and spread the message of healthy living to children and their families to help curb obesity and promote healthy eating habits from the early years of childhood. BAPS Charities’ volunteers worked in tandem with local pediatricians, nutritionists, dentists, and nurses to teach children about hygiene, healthy living, and physical activity.

Center Jersey City, NJ

October 7, 2012

Time  9:00 am to 2:00 pm
No. of Participants 112
No. of Healthcare professionals & specialists
  • 3 Fire Safety Specialists
  • 4 Emergency Medical Technicians
  • 3 Police Officer
  • 1 Nutritionist
  • 1 Lead Prevention Specialist
  • 2 Poison Control Specialist
  • 3 Children Care Specialist
  • 1 Pediatrics
  • 5 Dentist
List of Services provided
  • General Health Education 
  • Dental Health Education 
  • Educational lectures on Let’s Move! (active lifestyle), Nutrition & Healthy Eating, Child Safety, Kid’s Health, Dental Health, Street Smarts & Safety 
  • Educational booths on healthy food, physical fitness 
  • Fire Safety Education, Medical Emergency Education
  • Sun Safety Program, Hand Wash Hygiene, How to Use a Public Library Program 

I loved the fire truck session. The professionals gave us a very good training for our children regarding fire hazards and how to react during fire emergencies.
           -Piyush Patel (Parent)

The children’s behavior was excellent and they listened very attentively. It is not easy to allow a child to understand the
information about health and safety but through this event, we were able to do so. We would also love to be a part of this kind of event every year.
           -Vyes Saad, Emergency Medical Technician

I will change my eating habits because I eat too much junk food and that will affect my health in the future.
           -Kishan Patel, Child Attendee

I liked the reduce screen time session. From now on, I am going to reduce my time for watching the TV and do things to make my health better!

          -Bhavika Patel, Child Attendee