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Health Fair 2015 in Lansdale, PA

BAPS Charities held its annual Health Fair on October 25, 2015 in Lansdale, PA. Over 30 physicians and medical professionals volunteered to offer personal consultations to 175 participants. The Health Fair offered the following screening and lab tests. In addition to physical tests, patients gained insights on healthy living and awareness.
Number of patients seen by specialty: Internal Medicine/Family practice (165), Cardiology (60), Gastroenterology (27),  Ophthalmology (105), Podiatry (170), Dentistry (175), Physical Therapy (170), Nutrition/Dietician (55), Chiropractor (55) 
Number of Lab tests conducted: CBC (162), Basic metabolic panel (162), Lipid panel (162), BUN/Creatinine test (162), Liver function test (162)
Number of Screening Tests: Blood pressure (175), Dental exam (150), Glucose Screening (150), Eye Exam (105), Dental Exam (150) 
Opinion: “Thank you to all the people in this room.  BAPS Charities really is the only health fair we have in all of Hatfield Township of 18,000 residents.  Every year, you  make that effort to bring people here to help them; that is one of the greatest things a community can do.” -Tom Zipfel (President, Board of Commissioners – Hatfield, PA).