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Health Fair 2016 in Lansdale, PA

Over 25 medical professionals were on hand as BAPS Charities hosted its annual Health Fair on December 10, 2016 in Lansdale, PA.  With the increasing cost of health care in this economy, health professionals educated over 150 attendees on various health topics and provided their expert advice on regular health checkups and other health related issues.

Number of patients seen by specialty: Internal Medicine/Family Practice (105), Cardiology (55), Physical Therapy (55), Nephrology (55), Ophthalmology (55), Dentistry (55), Nutrition/Dietician (55) 

Number of Lab tests conducted: CBC (110), Basic Metabolic Panel (110), Lipids (110)

Number of Screening Tests:  Blood Pressure (125), Glucose (125), Eye exam (55), Dental exam (55)


The health fair is a very impressive event.  Primarily because after nine years of doing this, [BAPS Charities] is exceedingly well organized.  A lot of people who are interested in what is happening with their own personal health can get some advice from professionals and people in the community who know about things that the people in this community need to know about for better health and better living.

– Joe Zlomek, Managing Editor, Sanatoga Post

This health fair gives the community members access to healthcare they may not be able to usually get because of financial constraints of a lack of insurance.  BAPS Charities gives the benefits of healthcare and taking care of your body as a whole and gives the awareness that our community members may not be able to get otherwise.

– Dr. Sunny Thakkar, Dentist, Valley Forge Family Dentistry 

We did some blood sugar testing today.  We did find one person who was a little bit surprised that their blood sugar was so high and they were immediately able to go over to one of the physicians and talk to them about it.  There were people who were at-risk who did not realize they were at risk and now will be making changes to their lifestyle.

– Deb Zlomek, Patient Educator, PMSI Comprehensive Healthcare