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BAPS Charities Assists in Tornado Relief Efforts, Little Rock, AR

In the aftermath of the devastating EF3 tornado that swept through the Little Rock metro area on March 31, 2023, BAPS Charities Little Rock volunteers came together to aid in disaster relief efforts. Concentrating their support in the hardest-hit areas such as Richwood Drive, Hillwood Road, and surrounding neighborhoods, the volunteers were instrumental in cleanup operations, removing debris from yards and garages, and disposing of trash lining the streets.

David Korenblat, a grateful resident, praised the volunteers, stating, “It would have taken me several days to accomplish what the BAPS Charities volunteers did in just two hours.”

Little Rock Mayor Frank Scott Jr. facilitated the collaboration between BAPS Charities and the Disaster Recovery Center, ensuring that the volunteers were dispatched to the most affected parts of the city. The joint efforts of the charity and local authorities were both commendable and inspiring.

Maddie Long, a representative from the mayor’s office who coordinated the initiative, expressed her appreciation for the volunteers: “We are grateful for you and your companions joining us! The work done today wouldn’t have been possible without y’all, and so many people refueled on pizza and went back out there! Thank you again.”

The dedication and hard work of BAPS Charities Little Rock volunteers have undoubtedly had a significant impact on the affected communities, highlighting the power of volunteerism in times of crisis.