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Earth Day 2023 in Long Island, NY

On April 22nd, over a billion people worldwide participated in the 53rd Earth Day, the most significant environmental event of its kind. The event was marked with a theme of “Investing in Our Planet,” and the global community came together to raise awareness about the importance of protecting the environment.

In the Town of Huntington, with the help of community officials, the Interfaith Council celebrated climate week. BAPS Charities participated in the event, where over 300 participants learned about climate change, recycling, and resource conservation. Thanks to a donation of over 30 trees from Northwell Health, BAPS Charities volunteers were able to plant them during the event. BAPS Charities expressed gratitude towards Northwell Health for their generous contribution, emphasizing the importance of Earth Day and its message of environmental stewardship.

The event focused on planting activities and, reducing single-use and disposable plastics, minimizing the plastic footprint, and conserving water. BAPS Charities embodies this philosophy by organizing various environmentally conscious projects throughout the year, including recycling initiatives, water conservation measures, and promoting renewable energy solutions. BAPS Charities Walkathons have also helped plant a total of 361,000 trees in North America.

As Earth Day serves as a reminder of our collective responsibility towards the planet, BAPS Charities’ commitment to environmental sustainability demonstrates its dedication to the well-being of our planet.