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COVID-19 Pandemic: BAPS Charities Provides Hot Meals to Organizations in Long Island, NY

On May 1, 2020, BAPS Charities volunteers delivered 170 freshly prepared hot vegetarian meals to five front line organizations across Long Island, NY – North Shore University Hospital, Long Island Jewish Hospital, North Shore Core Laboratories, the Melville Fire Station, and the Melville Fire Department.  Food preparation and delivery were made while maintaining strict adherence to CDC safety guidelines.

As the United States is being challenged with the COVID-19 pandemic, food accessibility has become a growing concern.  This holds especially true for our front line personnel that are working long hours. Harnessing the collective spirit of its volunteers, BAPS Charities provided support to the front line workers of these organizations by delivering hot meals. 

All of the recipients were appreciative and thankful for BAPS Charities’ support.  The officers at the Melville Police State sent a thank you note “for the food delivery to the 2nd Precinct today.  The food was delicious, and everyone enjoyed it.  On behalf of Inspector (William) Scrima and the Officers of the 2nd precinct, thank you again!!”

Volunteers in BAPS Charities locations across the world continue to evaluate situations to effectively provide support.