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BAPS Charities donates food and hygiene kits to Share Ourselves in the Los Angeles area

The escalating costs of essentials such as food, fuel, accommodation, and transportation have placed a significant burden on many individuals and families. This has particularly hit the unhoused and under-resourced community in the Southern California area. Regrettably, many find themselves in the distressing situation of having insufficient funds to provide for even the most basic necessities — food and hygiene products.

Recognizing the gravity of the situation, BAPS Charities volunteers in Los Angeles channeled their spirit of service and organized a food and care kit drive.

Serving the greater Orange County area of the Los Angeles region, BAPS Charities donated over 300 pounds of pantry staples like canned goods, cereals, and biscuits, and 250 hygiene care kits with travel size shampoo, soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste, hand warmers, hydration powder, nail clippers and wipes to Share Ourselves in Costa Mesa, CA. (@ShareOurSelves)

“It’s important on many fronts. On one level, we have a lot of people that come to our food pantry daily who are unhoused. They’re living in their cars, they’re living on a friend’s couch, or they’re just simply homeless,” shared Stephanie Harrington of Share Ourselves. Prior to COVID, we were giving about over 180-200 bags, now we’re distributing over 400 bags daily in our pantry here. Without the generosity of our community and organizations like BAPS Charities, it’s extremely difficult to keep our shelves stocked.” 

Share Ourselves is a healthcare organization that provides comprehensive health and support services for the entire community. At the heart of their mission is the unwavering belief that everyone, regardless of their circumstances, deserves access to quality healthcare. 

BAPS Charities continues to mobilize to serve our communities’ most vulnerable residents and remains committed to serving society and communities in diverse fields such as medical, environmental, community, educational, and humanitarian services.