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California Wildfires: BAPS Charities Donates to LA County Fire Department Foundation

On October 2, 2020, BAPS Charities donated $5,000 to the Wildfire Firefighter Support Fund, as well as 1,800 water bottles and 1,750 pre-packaged snacks. Currently wildfires continue to devastate numerous areas of California, including Los Angeles Country. The Los Angeles County Fire Department has taken on the ravaging Bobcat Fire and continues to support firefighting endeavors throughout the state.  In order to provide relief in times of disaster, BAPS Charities volunteers mobilized to help raise funds.

Stacy Mungo, the Los Angeles County Fire Department Foundation’s President, expressed her gratitude and stated “[W]e couldn’t do it without the help of charities and support groups like [BAPS Charities], who are willing to support us with their time and financial donations. We engaged more than 300 firefighters on the two large fires, the El Dorado Fire and the Bobcat Fire, while others are deployed to support the fires up and down the west coast.”

Mayor Naresh Solanki of Cerritos, where LACoFD-Station 30 is located, was also present during the donation to express his support and partnership with BAPS Charities.

An active frontline hero, Patrick Garrett, the Assistant Fire Chief of LA County Division 4, demonstrated his appreciation for the tremendous support they have received from BAPS Charities and the community overall.  “We are a community-based organization ourselves, so to partner with BAPS Charities is very important. We are very fortunate to enjoy tremendous support in all of our communities from the public. We’re very fortunate to get to show up to work as firefighters on a daily basis, protecting your life at all costs and the lives of your family and friends first. Thank you so much for hosting us.”

BAPS Charities continues to express unity to serve first responders, especially during these difficult and disastrous times. As a token of appreciation for their dedication and contributions to society, BAPS Charities is honored to support our frontline heroes.