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California Wildfires: BAPS Charities Donates to Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation

On October 2, 2020, BAPS Charities donated $4,000 to the Los Angeles Fire Season Fund along with 1,800 water bottles to the Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation. The Los Angeles Fire Department has dispatched firefighters to help battle the Bobcat Fire, the El Dorado Fire, and other fires throughout the state. During this time of crisis, BAPS Charities is humbled to express aid to these frontline heroes.

“I’m grateful for the recent contribution that BAPS Charities provided to the Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation. Their support directly impacts the safety of our LAFD firefighters and the community at large. We couldn’t accomplish our mission without partners like BAPS Charities,” said Liz Lin, President of the LAFD Foundation.

The $4,000 BAPS Charities donated to the LA Fire Season Fund will go towards purchasing tools, equipment and resources for the first responders who are saving lives and property this wildfire season.

Tara Gurlides, Development Director for the LAFD Foundation, describes the crucial need for donations, ”These types of donations are really vital for the foundation because we’re able to help give back to the LAFD and provide them with vital tools, resources, necessities, such as this water where the city’s budget falls short, we really greatly appreciate the support.”

Michael Marquez LAFD, Firefighter 3, also joined BAPS Charities for the donation. “We cannot do what we do without the support of our community. You guys are our heroes!”

Over the past few months, BAPS Charities has also dedicated their time and resources throughout the Los Angeles metropolitan area, to join in the large scale COVID-19 Pandemic relief effort with the donation of 15,310 hot meals, 77,010 pieces of PPE, 13,198 bottled beverages, and pre-packaged snacks to front line workers and homeless shelters.

BAPS Charities continues to provide relief efforts through the donations and support to the firefighters and frontline workers working amidst the California wildfires.