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California Wildfires: BAPS Charities donates to Chino Valley Independent Fire District Foundation

On November 20, 2020, BAPS Charities donated $6,000 to the Chino Valley Independent Fire District Foundation. Most recently, the Chino Valley Independent Fire District Foundation (CVIFD) battled the Blue Ridge Fire close to the home of BAPS Charities in Chino Hills, CA. Immediately BAPS Charities volunteers mobilized to help raise funds and support firefighting efforts.

Jeff Tytula, the Chino Valley Independent Fire District Foundation’s Vice President, expressed his gratitude and stated, “We would like to thank BAPS Charities for your generous donation. Your donation allows us to give back to the community we serve. Your support of our foundation, especially during times like these, allow us to continue to serve those in need. Thank you!”

Mayor Art Bennett and City Councilmembers Peter Rogers and Brian Johsz  of Chino Hills were also present during the donation to express their support and partnership with BAPS Charities. Mayor Bennett reiterated the strong partnership between the city and BAPS Charities and stated, “The Blue Ridge Fire forced many of our city’s residents to evacuate including many BAPS Charities volunteers. BAPS Charities has supported our community from the start and this time is no different.” 

The Blue Ridge Fire caused some Chino Hills residents to evacuate and some BAPS Charities volunteers were among those evacuees. BAPS Charities invited some affected families to express their gratitude to the hardworking firefighters. Krishna Zala, a BAPS Charities volunteer and fire evacuee shared, “Thanks for the heroes of the Chino Valley Independent Fire District for all of their work to fight the Blue Ridge Fire. Without you, we may have lost our homes and for that my family and I are grateful. Thanks for all that you do!”

BAPS Charities continues to express unity to serve first responders, especially during these difficult and disastrous times. As a token of appreciation for their dedication and contributions to society, BAPS Charities is honored to support our frontline heroes.