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COVID-19 Pandemic: BAPS Charities donates 500 hot meals and $10,000 to The Good Karma Los Angeles

As the winter season brings colder temperatures, Los Angeles’ unhoused population is in need of support now more than ever. According to the most recent count by the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority, there are over 63,000 unhoused residents across Los Angeles County, with over 40,000 people concentrated in the City of Los Angeles. As the pandemic has perpetuated the crisis in Los Angeles, many organizations have stepped up to support our unhoused neighbors with hot meals and essentials. Embodying the spirit of service, BAPS Charities continues to support local communities and those in need.

In response to challenges brought by COVID-19 to the unhoused population, on Sunday, December 12, 2021, over 30 BAPS Charities volunteers teamed up with The Good Karma Los Angeles to distribute 500 hot meals, bananas, water bottles, and other essentials to unhoused residents on Skid Row. In addition to the hot meals, BAPS Charities also donated $10,000 to The Good Karma Los Angeles for their efforts. The Good Karma Los Angeles has been on Skid Row for the last 76 weeks serving hot meals and providing various essentials to the unhoused population.

Vishal Narayan, the Co-founder of The Good Karma Los Angeles, shared his gratitude, “It is such a humbling moment to have BAPS Charities partner with us. It is important to make a direct impact on the community. We started during the pandemic when all the homeless shelters shut down in Los Angeles County, and we noticed that a lot more unhoused people in Los Angeles were starving. There is a need to be out here, and we will continue to do just that. We can’t thank BAPS Charities enough for joining us today and for the generous donation to The Good Karma!”

Such widespread impact is only possible with the support of BAPS Charities volunteers. BAPS Charities volunteer Deven Patel shared his experience, “It is amazing that BAPS Charities can partner with organizations like The Good Karma Los Angeles and join forces with them. By bringing out the largest group of volunteers to date, we were able to cover more ground on Skid Row, and so many people were able to get food, water, cliff bars, bananas, or whatever they needed at that moment.”

BAPS Charities was also joined by Josef Siroky, from the Office of California State Senator Sydney Kamlager, who represents the Skid Row area. “It’s organizations like BAPS Charities & The Good Karma Los Angeles that really support our unhoused residents in Los Angeles. Kudos to them on this wonderful day of service.” Mr. Siroky also presented both organizations with a Certificate of Recognition for their efforts.