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COVID-19 Pandemic: BAPS Charities donates $5,000 to the Emergency Network Los Angeles (ENLA)

As the COVID-19 pandemic and specifically the Omicron variant continues to deeply impact communities across Los Angeles, coordination amongst government agencies, non-profit organizations, and service providers is crucial to getting support to those who need it the most. One such organization providing this coordination of services and recovery resources is the Emergency Network Los Angeles (ENLA). ENLA represents over 40 nonprofits and government agencies working in the space of community welfare and emergency management (disaster preparation, mitigation, response, and recovery). BAPS Charities is a proud member of ENLA and in December 2021 donated $5,000 to its efforts to support the Los Angeles area with COVID-19 recovery efforts.

Yosef Jalil, Program Director for ENLA shared his gratitude. “BAPS Charities is one of the leading organizations on the frontlines of this pandemic. Their work in vaccines, testing, and feeding has been unrivaled. Thank you, BAPS Charities, for this generous donation to ENLA.”

Founded in the wake of the 1994 Northridge Earthquake, ENLA has become a model of how CBOs can network in order to better cooperate and assist one another during and following emergencies and disasters. As a result of this cooperation, communities in need will be served quickly and more effectively.

Michael Flood, President & CEO of the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank and ENLA Board Chair also shared his appreciation. “ENLA would like to thank BAPS Charities for its support and its membership. Your support has been incredibly helpful in allowing ENLA to respond to the pandemic.”

BAPS Charities is grateful to its volunteers, supporters, and well-wishers. Beyond this donation, BAPS Charities has donated meals, personal protective equipment, and funds to local community organizations across North America and globally. BAPS Charities has also conducted online awareness campaigns educating communities on how to stay safe and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic.