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COVID-19 Testing Drive 2022 in Los Angeles, CA

To bridge the testing gap and meet our local community testing needs in San Bernardino County and greater Inland Empire, on January 14, 19, 20, and February 5, BAPS Charities teamed up with My Express COVID Tests to administer over 1,000 Rapid and PCR COVID-19 tests at no cost to the public. Individuals who wished to receive both a Rapid and PCR test could drive through the parking lot in a minimal contact setting to receive both tests. BAPS Charities in Los Angeles has organized hot meal distribution, PPE donations, and other pandemic efforts throughout the pandemic.

A crucial component in containing the spread of the latest variant, Omicron, has been frequent and available testing. With the increase in demand for quick, reliable, and available COVID-19 tests, BAPS Charities partnered with My Express COVID Tests to offer both Rapid and PCR testing for anyone who attended the drive-thru testing site. No insurance was required to receive both the Rapid and PCR tests.  

Payal Amin from My Express COVID Tests expressed, “We have partnered with BAPS Charities for this incredible event of drive-thru testing. It helps promote more people to get tested and keep the community safer, especially with the new variant. A lot of individuals are not exhibiting symptoms, so this is a great way to prevent the spread.” She also noted, “A lot of people are grateful for this event; we’ve had over 1,000 individuals receive both the Rapid and PCR Test.” 

Shreyarthi Suriwala, a resident of Orange County, noted that she drove up all the way from Anaheim to volunteer with BAPS Charities. She particularly noted, “It’s been almost three years since the pandemic started, and we’re still facing new variants. So I felt compelled to support BAPS Charities during this time of need.” 

Partnerships between COVID-19 test providers and community organizations are integral to bringing the authentic COVID-19 tests to as many people as possible. We have seen many non-traditional, unique locations converted into both COVID-19 testing and vaccination sites throughout the country. BAPS Charities was joined by a team of My COVID Express Tests Staff and Healthcare Providers. Councilwoman Cynthia Moran and Vice Mayor Peter Rogers of Chino Hills, CA also joined the testing site.  

Vice Mayor Peter Rogers expressed, “It’s inspiring to see BAPS Charities continue to support the community in so many different ways during the pandemic. BAPS Charities has been a great member of the larger community and happy to see that BAPS Charities, along with My Express COVID Tests, serves everyone who has come for this wonderful event”.   

Curtis Springer, a drive-thru COVID-19 testing site participant, heard about testing through Chino Hills City Council Member Cynthia Moran. He reported, “The whole process went smooth; it took five minutes to be in and out of the entire testing site. Thank you so much for doing this for our community.  

BAPS Charities is grateful to its volunteers, supporters, well-wishers, especially the partnership with My Express COVID Tests.