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COVID-19 Pandemic: Over 31,000 PPE Donated to the City of Los Angeles for its homeless shelters, and 1,500 packaged snacks and beverages to the LA Emergency Operations Center

On May 4, 2020, BAPS Charities donated 26,000 gloves, 5,000 surgical masks, 100 bottles of hand sanitizer and 1500 packaged snacks and beverages. 

Over a month ago, the LA Times published an article outlining the challenges facing homeless shelters as it relates to the scarcity of gloves and PPE amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Weeks later, Mayor Eric Garcetti, in his State of the City Address, mentioned what the city was doing to support homeless shelters in LA and the great need of PPE and resources for the city’s homeless efforts. To help the over 36,000 homeless residents in the City of Los Angeles, BAPS Charities mobilized its volunteers to procure these much needed items for our city’s most vulnerable residents.

“PPE like masks and gloves are so important, particularly to those who are most vulnerable in our community like our homeless and our most economically challenged communities.” said David Price, Southwest Area Representative for Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. “By having organizations like BAPS Charities offer their time and their resources to give to those who aren’t able to procure or obtain a lot of those emergency resources, they’re doing the work. Kudos to them in allowing Los Angeles to be a safer and prosperous place even during this time.”

BAPS Charities also recognized the hard working front line staff at the LA City Emergency Operations Center (EOC). During the pandemic, the EOC is coordinating with national, state and local agencies to ensure the LA’s residents remain safe and healthy.

Aram Sahakian, General Manager of the City of Los Angeles’ Emergency Management Department accepted the donation on behalf of the EOC and expressed, “What you gave today, from food, to drinks, PPE and masks, saves lives. We take what you’re giving us and we’ll distribute it to the population that needs it the most. The food could go to seniors and the PPE to support shelters and our homeless population. What you’re doing is extremely important.”

BAPS Charities is proud to support the efforts of the City of Los Angeles. Magan Champaneria, a retired City of LA Employee and BAPS Charities volunteer joined to donate the PPE and snacks. “I am honored to return to the institution that gave me so much over the years. As a retired City of LA employee, I know that donations like this go far in times like these in keeping our city employees safe. Thank you to our front line workers and we hope the gloves, masks and snacks assist wherever they are needed.”

In response to the global pandemic, BAPS Charities created the COVID-19 Relief Fund to support these initiatives. To learn more or contribute to the fund please visit