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Children’s Health & Safety Day 2011, Memphis, TN

BAPS Charities organized a community children’s health and safety day on August 13, 2011 in Memphis, TN.  This fair offered a range of services and information for children and their parents. A number of volunteer healthcare specialists were involved including, physicians, pharmacists, dentists, optometrists, nurses, and emergency medical technicians. Memphis Police, Shelby County Sheriff, American Red Cross, and Memphis Health Department were also on hand and in total, promoted health and safety to 105 children. “I really enjoy volunteering at these events and have been associated with BAPS Charities since their first health fair in Memphis in 2007.  The fair is very beneficial to parents; many of whom will benefit greatly from the information on promoting child safety at home and beyond.” said Dr. Namrata Shah, Neurologist at LeBonheur Childrens Hosptal. 

“The volunteers provided me with important information on how I can be a better parent for my child by making small changes in our lifestyle” said Shashi Patel, a health fair participant. “Through the personal training and exercise sesions I learned how I can incorporate activitives and better nutrition in my childs life to prevent obesity.” 

All participants received an appointment for a teddy bear clinic.  The children hand selected a teddy bear that had a medical problem.  The bear was taken around 10 stations mimicing divisions of a hospital such as registration, vital signs, blood work, physical exams, radiology, dental, and vision. “It was neat how each volunteer really enchanced the experience by acting like the teddy bear truly had a problem and allowed the kids to check blood pressure, listen to the heart with stethoscopes, and learn how a dentist checks teeth.” said Dr. Nilesh Dubal, a Radiation Oncologist who volunteered at the fair. “In the spirit of the saying, ‘an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure’, BAPS Charities is educating families about risk factors and prevention methods to improve their quality of life.” 

Other activities included arts and crafts booths where children had the opportunity for face painting, henna tattos, and drawing projects.  Outside the facility, children were allowed to tour and play in a Memphis police car and fire truck. Hospital Wing Pedi-Flight staff surprised the children by landing one of their helicopters on site and allowing them to take a tour and pictures.  “This event was very well organized. I was amazed at how 105 children were kept occupied with all the activities”.” said Kim, Pedi-Flight.  

“Dedicated volunteers, local physicians, and community organizations from Memphis, TN all contributed to the success of this event,” said Dr. Jamin Brahmbhatt, Urologists and BAPS Charities event organizer. “With their support BAPS Charities provided this service to over 105 children and their families.”

This BAPS Charities Children’s Health Fair at Memphis is one of many fairs which BAPS Charities organizes annually throughout North America.  In total, over 2,500 health care professionals from local communities have treated nearly 12,500 participants across the nation at our annual adult health fairs.  This year over 500 children across the nation have benefited from our children’s health and safety initiative.