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Women’s Health Lecture 2019 in Miami, FL: Nutritional Supplements

Last year, Americans spent more than $40 billion on nutritional supplements alone. From vitamins and minerals to herbal pills, three out of four Americans take some form of dietary supplements. Though most supplements are consumed with the intention of improving upon certain deficiencies or specific claims as written on the bottle, the question always remains –is the supplement safe?

To help raise awareness regarding the benefits and risks of various dietary supplements, BAPS Charities organized a health awareness lecture in Miami, Florida on October 6, 2019.

The health awareness lecture, presented by Priya Patel, focused on recognizing the need and existence of different types of health supplements. The speaker’s address included the benefits and risks and of consuming specific vitamins, minerals, herbal and ayurvedic products. It also educated those in attendance on screening supplements for authenticity based on the seal of approval and nutritional regulations. The audience learned that there are numerous benefits latent in dietary supplements if taken in the right context. Ultimately, the lecture emphasized the importance of being an informed consumer before making decisions regarding health and wellness.