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Women’s Health Lecture 2019 in Milwaukee, WI: Stress Management

Stress manifests in the human body in different ways: from small signs such as nail biting and acne to behavioral signs of anger and irritability to digestive related symptoms of nausea, heartburn, weight changes, to heart disease-related factors such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or fast heart rate. To help raise awareness about stress management, members of the community gathered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on May 12, 2019, for a BAPS Charities women’s health awareness lecture.

The health awareness lecture, presented by Dr. Malini Mehta, focused on helping the attendees recognize the symptoms of stress and its long-term physical and mental effects of sustained stress. Studies have shown that sustained stress leads to increased risk of diabetes, heart disease and interferes with women’s reproductive systems. Also, stress can also lead to detrimental mental issues of depression and anxiety, causing panic attacks and interference with normal function.

The talk concluded by recommending examining one’s perspective and developing an approach to stressful situations that can help address everyday symptoms and prevent the long-term effects of stress.