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Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster Relief

Following the colossal damage caused by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, BAPS Charities responded providing for the needs of victims in Watari-cho and the surrounding neighborhoods. BAPS Charities understands that making a difference in recovery and restitution efforts involves personalized care and support. BAPS Charities reached out to its liaisons in Japan and assessed the extent of the damage in specific regions. A team of relief care experts, then, decided to reach out to the community leaders in Watari-cho to offer assistance. The mayor and the relief care experts working to provide for the people of the city had specific needs—they needed a vehicle to distribute relief supplies and transport the injured and elderly. BAPS Charities responded immediately by donating a vehicle. This assistance helped lift the spirits of the community’s leadership. “We have received this contribution from BAPS Charities. It will prove to be essential in our efforts to rebuild our community. We are grateful to BAPS Charities, just as many other communities around the world are,” said the mayor.

BAPS Charities was presented with a serious challenge. Neelkanth Patel is the Director of BAPS Charities: “We have strong volunteer forces in many parts of the world; however, Japan, unfortunately, is not one of them. It was extremely difficult for us to stand by and receive reports about the devastation there. We decided to do what we do best in these situations—give first responders the tools needed to save and rebuild lives.”

BAPS Charities has been providing for disaster victims for over 50 years now. Most recently, BAPS Charities partnered with UNICEF to provide for the victims of the Haiti Earthquake.