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COVID-19 Pandemic: Donation of 3,000 pounds of grains to South Asian Council for Social Services to help the needy families in New York, NY

In New York City,  governmental quarantine orders and business closures have been in place for several weeks due to hundreds of thousands of individuals being diagnosed with COVID-19 in the metropolitan area.  These necessary measures have caused high levels of unemployment leaving many families without the means to purchase food.

BAPS Charities delivered 3,000 pounds of various essential grains to the South Asian Council for Social Services (SACSS), a food pantry in Queens, NY, that has been distributing provisions to those in need. The truckload of grains was subsequently sorted into smaller packages and distributed to highly vulnerable families. Sudha Acharya, Director, SACSS, immensely appreciated the donation and said, “Over the years we have seen BAPS Charities efforts greatly benefit the community. Thank you so much for the different grains and rice for needy families.”