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Blood Donation Drive 2016 in New York, NY

BAPS Charities organizes local blood drives in communities throughout North America to help area agencies keep up with the constant demand. BAPS Charities held its annual Blood Drive in New York, NY on December 4, 2016 collecting 73 pints of blood, which can help save as many as 219 lives.

While agencies and hospitals collect blood on a regular basis, 80% of the donations are actually collected at blood drives set up at community organizations, companies, high schools, colleges,places of worship or military installations according to the American Red Cross. BAPS Charities is committed to doing their part in the community to bring a wider public awareness of the need for regular blood donation as well as taking action to aid in replenishing the quickly declining blood stocks. Through events such as this blood drive, BAPS Charities emphasizes the role an individual can play in the greater good of the society. With a focus, not only on physical health but on the overall well-being of an individual, BAPS Charities both locally and internationally,encourages volunteerism to build a stronger society as a whole.