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Flu Vaccination Drive 2018 in Portland, OR

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that a severe influenza season can infect over 30 million individuals across the United States, hospitalize over 100,000, and lead to more than 50,000 deaths.  Each year, a flu vaccine is developed and administered in mass to reduce the impact of the influenza virus.

In support of this effort, BAPS Charities organized flu vaccination drives across North America.  The drive in Portland, OR on September 22, 2018 administered vaccines to 43 individuals at no cost.  BAPS Charities continues to provide this benefit each year utilizing partnerships with local medical organizations and professionals.

While the effectiveness of the flu vaccine varies each year based on the predominant strain, overall, CDC statistics and studies indicate that the flu vaccine provides some effectiveness in either preventing the flu or reducing the severity of the flu.  This is even more important for children, the elderly, and those with weak immune systems who are more susceptible to flu related complications.

Through annual blood donation drives, health fairs, health lectures, and vaccination efforts, BAPS Charities serves local communities across North America for the benefit of public health.