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Women’s Health Lecture 2017 in Raleigh, NC: Protein Sources for a Vegetarian Diet

Oftentimes, vegetarian diets are perceived to be protein-deficient, especially in meeting the needs for women. In order to dispel this popular myth, BAPS Charities organized a Health Awareness Lecture on Protein Sources for a Vegetarian Diet in Raleigh, NC on November 26, 2017.  Heral Patel clarified that the amount of protein needed by an individual was dependent, not on gender, but rather on the individual’s phase in life, present weight, active or inactive lifestyle, and weight goals. For example, the amount of protein necessary for lactating or pregnant women differs from those that are not in either stage. The presentation also educated attendees about the quantity, frequency, and type of intake necessary for different people.

Most importantly, the presentation reaffirmed that vegetarians do not have a shortage of options to choose from when developing a protein-rich diet. Examples include buckwheat pancakes with soymilk for breakfast, moong and wild rice for lunch, unsalted nuts, such as peanuts, cashews, pistachios, and almonds, for snacks, and black bean chili for dinner. Attendees went home with detailed information about various foods and their protein content as well as how to incorporate them into meals throughout the day.