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Health Fair 2014 in Robbinsville, NJ

With a focus on preventative care, BAPS Charities organized its annual Health Fair throughout North America as part of its global health and wellness initiatives.

On Sunday, November 16, 2014, 57 physicians and health care professionals volunteered at the BAPS Charities Health Fair in Robbinsville, NJ.  Altogether, 151 attendees from the local community were able to take advantage of and benefit from various medical care and awareness offerings:

 Number of patients seen by specialty: Internal Medicine/Family practice (131), Gastroenterology (9), Nephrology (3), Podiatry (47), Dentistry (103), Psychiatry (65), Pulmonology (23), Pain Management (17), OB/GYN (50), Oncology (42)

 Number of Lab tests conducted: CBC (138), Lipid panel (138), Renal function (138)

 Number of Screening and Diagnostic Tests:  Blood pressure (139), Dental exam (103), Glaucoma screening (125), Vision Exam (125), Body Fat Test (38)


  • This is the first time I am attending, BAPS Charities Health Fair. I came here with my wife not knowing what to expect but I am very glad I came. I could see an internist, podiatrist, optometrist and a dentist — all under a single roof in just one hour. I am so happy with the one-on-one consultations I had today. This would take a lot of time and money if I had done it at a private facility.

            – Harshvardhan Patel, Health Fair Participant

  • Prevention is key for a healthier community.  If any disease is diagnosed and treated early we can have a completely different outcome. This is where health fairs like the one we have today can play a very important role.

             – Dr. Gopi Mukkavilli

  • Everyone addresses physical health but mental health is generally ignored.  I am happy BAPS Charities has taken the initiative not only to organize this health fair but to have mental health awareness and screening here.  This will help promote mental wellness so people don’t have to suffer in silence. I thank BAPS Charities for inviting SAMHIN to be a part of this health fair. 

             – Dr. Vasudev Makhija, President, South Asian Mental health initiative and Network (SAMHIN)

  • This event gave me the opportunity to give back and do what I enjoy the most – provide care for others to help them lead healthier lives. BAPS Charities health fair is a great event for both doctors and participants

             – Dr. Varun Gujral