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Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis: Essential items donated in a time of great need

The current conflict in Ukraine has displaced millions of individuals and families, who are now without essential supplies. A shortage of over-the-counter medicines and essential toiletries are among the top immediate personal care needs for those caught in the crisis. BAPS Charities volunteers, who supported emergency relief efforts on the ground at the Poland-Ukraine border, learned first-hand what was needed, and upon returning to the United States, continued the work by collecting essential items.

BAPS Charities in Robbinsville, NJ donated several pallets of Tylenol, various vitamins, toiletries, and warm safety boots. Beena Patel, a BAPS Charities volunteer who coordinated this initiative, stated, “BAPS Charities and volunteers aim to serve in humanitarian crises beyond borders, nationalities, and faiths. Inspired by our friends who went to the Poland-Ukraine border to help the innocent, we wanted to contribute to the relief efforts somehow. A few of us sat down together, and we started making calls and gathering items.”

BAPS Charities is grateful for the efforts of its volunteers and the partnership of Ukraine and Ukrainians Abroad, Inc. who graciously arranged to ship the items to Poland and then transport them to Ukraine for distribution.

For more information on how BAPS and BAPS Charities volunteers are involved in the emergency response to the Ukrainian humanitarian crisis, click here.