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Women’s Health Lecture 2019 in Robbinsville, NJ: GERD

Recent studies estimate that approximately 13% to 25% of people suffer from Gastroesophageal RefluxDisease or GERD. This condition is a painful reality that manifests as heartburn or acid indigestion for manypeople, including pregnant women.

Because GERD can be treated with simple lifestyle changes or may require medication or surgery,understanding the various causes and preventative actions is critical to minimizing the harmful effects ofacid reflux and larger underlying causes.  To raise awareness on GERD, members of the community in Robbinsville, NJ  on March 23, 2019 for an informative women’s health lecture organized by BAPS Charities. The health awareness lecture was presented by Dr. Sudha Nahar,  and covered the basics on common causes of GERD, treatment and prevention tools. Attendees went home with detailed information about concrete steps they could take to minimize the risk of GERD.