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Health Lecture 2017 in Sacramento, CA: Hypertension

On January 08, 2017 BAPS Charities hosted a Health Awareness Lecture in Sacramento, CA on the topic of Hypertension. This physical condition, arising from high blood pressure, is found in 1 in 3 adults and can lead to heart attack and stroke. The lecture aimed to educate the audience on preliminary blood pressure basics, hypertension types, and causes, as well as prevention methods.

Dr. Hemal Amin explained the differences between high, pre-high and average blood pressure readings and introduced Essential and Secondary types of hypertension. While excess salt intake in one’s diet or a stressful lifestyle may cause Essential hypertension, it could also be a result of a genetic disorder. Certain medications, specific health conditions such as pregnancy, and even some recreational drugs may trigger Secondary hypertension. Risk factors of hypertension were introduced to the attendees to raise prompt awareness and encourage them to enroll in annual health checkups especially if related symptoms are detected. Dr. Amin shared valuable prevention methods for hypertension and stressed on incorporating a healthy diet, exercising, avoiding alcohol and tobacco, and managing stress through yoga and other forms of meditation.