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COVID-19 Pandemic: BAPS Charities donates $5,000 to the Escondido Community Foundation

With the COVID-19 health and economic crisis negatively impacting communities in the greater San Diego area, many people are recuperating from the hard-hitting isolation and socio-economic challenges from the past two years.

Recognizing the need to support these efforts, BAPS Charities donated $5,000 to the Escondido Community Foundation, an affiliate of the San Diego Foundation.

Teresa Collins, Deputy Director of Communications for Escondido, joined BAPS Charities volunteers for the donation. “We are extremely grateful for BAPS Charities to invest in our community. Likewise, the city is very thankful for the Escondido Community Foundation to be the recipient to help continue great programming in our community.”

This donation will go directly in a fund to support other non-profits that improve Escondido’s social and emotional well-being by addressing social isolation, anxiety, depression, suicide, abuse, and/or providing specific support for young people in the community.

“These funds will go to non-profits that support our community in many ways,” shared Lisa Ruder, Immediate Past Chair of the Escondido Community Foundation. “Many organizations have struggled during the pandemic and need to be built up. Donations like this truly allow our community to flourish.”