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Children’s Health & Safety Day 2018 in San Antonio, TX

BAPS Charities hosted Children’s Health & Safety Day in San Antonio, TX on April 07, 2018. Built around the theme “We Can! Be Active, Eat Healthy, and Go Green!”, the event promoted health and safety awareness for over 46 participating children from the greater community with a goal to empower youth to incorporate healthy choices into their daily lives.
Attendees participated in a full day of fun with emergency vehicle tours, interactive and educational workshops, as well as insightful presentations that combined practice with play. In addition to supporting the national “We CAN!” initiative, this year’s Children’s Health & Safety Day supported many of BAPS Charities “Go Green” initiatives. The theme incorporated different learning workshops, scenario-based simulations, and motivated the youth to engage in conversations with firefighters, police officers, doctors and other professionals they may have once feared. The curriculum throughout the day allowed the children to understand how the media plays a significant role in shaping their values about nutrition and physical activities. Through interactive sessions, they were also encouraged to think critically and make healthy lifestyle choices. Meanwhile, parents and caretakers were in separate learning sessions to explore best practices in reinforcing and integrating many of the topics their children were learning.
As one of 27 such events taking place this year, the BAPS Charities Children’s Health and Safety Day aimed to encourage the whole family to live a healthier, safer, and more united lifestyle. Each family that attended walked away with a unique experience which would inspire them to generate positive habits in their own lives as well as their communities.