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Education Seminar in Seattle, WA

The college application process is a very daunting task for many high school students and their parents.  The process of finding the “right” college and the steps needed to get into it  are quite confusing, with varied paths that may or may not lead to the desired destination.  BAPS Charities has always been engaged in promoting youth education with the goal of having students perform to the best of their abilities in school and continuously strive to fulfill their potential.

To help the high school students of the community, BAPS Charities organized an Education seminar in Seattle, WA on February 08, 2015, where the students received information on what is involved in applying to a college; what colleges are looking for in applicants; and what courses one should take during high school to increase one’s chances of getting into their top choice college.  The seminar was lead by Mr. Dilip Naik, an entrepreneur, who himself has done tedious study of the college application process and requirements.  He shared his wisdom on this matter with over 70 participants.

In the first half, Mr. Naik talked to the students on topics ranging from the components of a good application, timelines, SAT scores and other general tips and tricks. There was also opportunity for the students to ask questions. In the second half, he spoke to with parents of these students and provided guidance on how parents can assist their children excel in the process.

After the completion of the conference, various mentors from the varied fields of Computer Science, Medicine, Dentistry, Chemical Engineering, and Biotechnology were available to meet with students and their parents one-on-one and answer their questions.  This allowed students wishing to go into a particular career path to get hands-on and relevant advise on what courses to take as well as how to position oneself to maximize the chances of getting admission into the “right” college and how to progress subsequently. 

Through these sessions BAPS Charities hopes to foster a stronger interest in education amongst its youths and help them fulfill the objectives they set out for themselves.