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The Spirit of Service in Action

BAPS Charities harnesses the efforts and collective spirit of volunteers around the world to serve individuals, families and communities in five key areas: Community Empowerment, Educational Services, Environmental Protection & Preservation, Health & Wellness, and Humanitarian Relief.  Taken together, these initiatives empower individuals to volunteer their time and resources to create a better community, nation and world.



Community Activities

Community Activities

We believe that the power to build better communities lies in the hands of the very members of those communities. BAPS Charities serves our communities through a variety of programs aimed at improving the lives of our neighbors, such as Walkathons and Annual Challenges to bring awareness to important causes in the community. We believe we can build closer and more resilient communities - one step at a time.

Community Activities > Annual Challenge 10K Walk / 30K Cycle

The BAPS Charities Annual Challenge in the UK is a healthy, fun way of engaging people of all ages and backgrounds in giving back to their local community. Thousands of participants in centres around the country walk (or run) 10 kilometres or cycle 30 kilometres to raise awareness and vital funds for community charities and local projects as well as in support of national health initiatives.

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Community Activities > Bike Ride

The BAPS Charities Bike Ride Challenge allows cycling enthusiasts to put their riding skills and stamina to the test for a good cause. Whether it is riding from London to Brighton, or even from London to Paris, various routes bring together budding challengers to raise invaluable funds for a variety of projects. Previous benefactors have including the British Heart Foundation and Rosa, a charitable fund set up to support initiatives that benefit women and girls in the UK.

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Community Activities > Children's Fun Day

Children's Fun Day is a community program that provides a day full of entertainment and fun for children from disadvantaged communities. Children engage in a variety of games and fun activities, enjoy great food and are treated to gifts. Bringing a smile to a child is truly its own reward.

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Community Activities > Community Cleanup

Fostering a sense of shared ownership of one's community, BAPS Charities Community Cleanups provide an opportunity for individuals to volunteer their time to improve their communities by cleaning roadsides or open areas of accumulated litter and trash, beautifying the space for all.

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Community Activities > Community Sporting Events

Sporting events provide a forum for building stronger community bonds through good sportsmanship, giving youth an opportunity to form healthy relationships and practice healthy living. BAPS Charities Community Sporting Events organize such events for young people around the world, involving a variety of sports such as football, cricket, netball and basketball.

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Community Activities > Food Drives

Food drives organized by BAPS Charities allow individuals and families to come together to provide for those that are less fortunate. Coinciding with holidays and times of special need, these drives organized at centers across the world are a striking example of the Spirit of Service.

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Community Activities > Mandela Day

View Mandela Day

Community Activities > Orphanage & School Support

Volunteers in Africa reach out to support orphanages and residential schools for children from extremely disadvantaged backgrounds with the resources they need. In addition to providing for material needs, BAPS Charities volunteers also spend time with these young people offering them friendship and emotional support.

View Orphanage & School Support

Community Activities > Skydive

The sponsored skydive is a thrilling challenge organised by BAPS Charities in the UK for those seeking an experience of a lifetime while raising funds for worthy causes. Healthy participants over the age of 18 jump from more than 10,000 feet in the air while harnessed to a British Parachute Association instructor. Accelerating in free fall from 0 to 120mph, skydivers enjoy not only stunning views and the exhilaration of gently gliding down to earth, but also the satisfaction of knowing that their efforts will support valuable projects promoting healthy living and community cohesion.

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Community Activities > Walkathons

BAPS Charities Walkathons in the United States and Canada are a key activity our volunteers organize throughout North America in support of their local communities. Individuals of all ages and from all backgrounds come together to raise support and awareness for a wide range of community, health and humanitarian organizations. With thousands of participants across both countries, BAPS Charities Walkathons are an activity created by and for the local community to build a better community, one step at a time.

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Community Activities > Winter Warmer

The BAPS Charities Winter Warmer program is organized every winter throughout South Africa to support the neediest with essential provisions, including hot meals, blankets, groceries and home appliances. Volunteers also dedicate their time to raise funds and prepare provisions for clinics, care facilities and disadvantaged settlements, helping thousands in need through the cold seasons.

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Community Activities > Clothes Recycling

In the UK, over 1 million tonnes of textiles are sent to landfill or incinerated every year. BAPS Charities facilitates drop-offs for unwanted clothes and shoes which are then passed on to the needy via specialist charities in various cities. Not only does this help reduce waste and carbon emissions but also provides needy families and individuals with one of the most basic amenities of life.

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Educational Services

Educational Services

With the belief that education is the primary driver of development and progress in the world, BAPS Charities provides extensive support through a variety of programs, such as day schools, residential schools and educational hostels in Asia and Africa. We also host education and training programs to prepare students in communities around the world for the opportunities available to them.

Educational Services > Career Fairs

Offering students an opportunity to learn more about the career and educational opportunities available to them beyond secondary school is an important piece of BAPS Charities’ programming for students. We equip students for their futures, for example, by having experienced professionals help students explore higher educational options and scholarships opportunities.

View Career Fairs

Educational Services > Educational Institutions Support

Education is a cornerstone of all communities and serves as a key to unlock opportunities for children as well as adults around the globe. BAPS Charities supports the advancement of education initiatives in local communities in an effort to strengthen the national network of institutions and programs designed to shape the next generation of brave and generous thinkers. From public primary and secondary school programs, to libraries and community centers, BAPS Charities supports organizations that work to provide education and academic tools to young people.

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Educational Services > Scholarships

Helping to provide scholarship opportunities to bright, young students who aspire to ever higher education is a privilege for BAPS Charities, for building a better future and society rests with our young and their education. Different scholarship programs operated by BAPS Charities are available for students to pursue while the organization also supports such programs in countries such as India through our global partners.

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Educational Services > Schools

View Schools

Educational Services > Hostels

Operating for over 50 years, educational hostels supported by BAPS Charities have provided students in western India with the scholastic and emotional support to succeed in their educational endeavors. These educational hostels, known as chhatralayas, have a variety of amenities such as computer labs, sports facilities, dining facilities as well as residential advisors and mentors to support students during these key years.

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Educational Services > Schools & Colleges

BAPS Charities has partnered with trusted charitable organizations operating school and colleges in India to provide support for educational programs and initiatives that provide educational opportunities for bright students that may lack access to quality education. These schools and colleges have a proven record of educating succeeding generations w and providing them with the tools for success in the future.

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Environmental Work

Environmental Work

Serving as good stewards of the planet is a collective responsibility that BAPS Charities takes seriously. We work to bring awareness of the important environmental issues we face in each community, participating in popular environmental events such as Earth Day and supporting initiatives such as tree-plantings, water conservation campaigns and promotion of renewable energy sources.

Environmental Work > Earth Day

First celebrated in 1970, Earth Day has developed into a worldwide day of observance aimed at promoting our collective responsibility to the environment and global sustainability. BAPS Charities promotes environmental awareness and initiatives under the banner of Earth Day at many of our centers around the world. Programs such as tree-plantings or energy-awareness activities provide our communities with tangible actions to engage in on this special day.

View Earth Day

Environmental Work > Tree planting projects

View Tree planting projects

Environmental Work > World Environment Day

Every year since 1972, 5 June is celebrated by millions internationally as World Environment Day. It is one of the principal vehicles through which the United Nations stimulates worldwide awareness for the environment and encourages positive action. BAPS Charities supports this important global initiative by raising awareness about and supporting positive change for the environment.

View World Environment Day

Environmental Work > Tree-Planting Campaigns

BAPS Charities has supported programs and initiatives to plant trees in communities throughout the world. Providing a tangible activity for volunteers to engage in improves participation in and awareness of the preservation and protection of our environment.

View Tree-Planting Campaigns

Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness

BAPS Charities aims to provide low cost, high quality health and wellness services in a variety of innovative ways. Programs such as health fairs and health awareness lectures with a focus on prevention serve as an invaluable resource for healthier living. BAPS Charities also supports primary health care facilities and initiatives in the developing world to provide quality health care for disadvantaged communities as well as the public at large.

Health & Wellness > Blood Drives

Whether it’s routine surgery, an accident or disaster, every minute of every day someone needs blood to survive. BAPS Charities has long been actively answering this urgent and continuing need by organizing blood donation drives for the benefit of communities throughout the world.

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Health & Wellness > Bone Marrow Drives

Countless individuals are affected by leukaemia, lymphoma or myeloma, and bone marrow transplants are one of the few procedures that help provide hope. Yet, finding a suitable bone marrow donor match is a challenge. To address this need, BAPS Charities organizes bone marrow registration drives to increase the chances of patients finding a match in the donor registry.

View Bone Marrow Drives

Health & Wellness > Children's Health & Safety Day

BAPS Charities Children’s Health and Safety Days encourage dialogue between children and their families about healthy living while providing participants with the tools and resources to make better lifestyle choices: to be against bullying, be healthy, and be safe in a technology-driven world.

View Children's Health & Safety Day

Health & Wellness > Health Awareness Lectures

Providing an avenue for medical professionals to share important preventative care measures, BAPS Charities’ Health Lectures provide the public at large with a resource to improve their lives through healthier living. Addressing topics ranging from first-aid to cardiovascular health, the collective impact of BAPS Charities’ Health Awareness Lectures throughout the world is improved global health and reduced costs.

View Health Awareness Lectures

Health & Wellness > Health Fairs

BAPS Charities Annual Health Fairs are a key component of the health and wellness services BAPS Charities provides throughout North America. Physicians and other medical professionals volunteer their expertise and time to provide medical care and advice to people who may lack access to such care. With an emphasis on education and preventative care, these fairs have proved to be invaluable in promoting healthy living and decreasing medical costs.

View Health Fairs

Health & Wellness > Health Screenings

The continued health and wellbeing of the community is important to BAPS Charities, so programs checking for health threatening conditions feature regularly throughout the year. Medical experts are invited to provide free screenings for conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and stroke, bringing patients’ attention to early signs of danger and giving timely, life-saving advice.

View Health Screenings

Health & Wellness > Preventative & Chronic Care

Preventative & Chronic Care is a key health and wellness campaign for BAPS Charities in eastern and southern Africa. By providing preventative eye care in communities lacking basic medical access and providing support to individuals stricken by chronic conditions such as Hanson's Disease, for example, BAPS Charities is heavily engaged in providing care to individuals and communities in need.

View Preventative & Chronic Care

Health & Wellness > Free Clinics

View Free Clinics

Health & Wellness > Health Awareness

View Health Awareness

Health & Wellness > Hospitals & Clinics

BAPS Charities actively supports and partners with charitable hospitals in India to provide resources and support the provision of quality health care.

View Hospitals & Clinics

Health & Wellness > Mobile Medical Clinics

BAPS Charities supports the innovative Mobile Medical Clinics operating in the underserved and tribal regions of western India. For those that lack access to quality health care services near their homes, these mobile clinics provide critical services to these communities.

View Mobile Medical Clinics


Humanitarian Relief

Humanitarian Relief

In times of natural and manmade calamity, BAPS Charities has worked to respond effectively to the needs of the hour. From earthquakes and prolonged droughts to civil disturbances and terrorist attacks, BAPS Charities stands ready to serve and support affected communities.

Humanitarian Relief > Disaster Relief

In times of disaster, BAPS Charities volunteers mobilize in the communities where they live to provide relief, support and rehabilitation. From the 2001 earthquake in Kutch, India to Hurricane Katrina in the United States, BAPS Charities has provided these volunteers a medium through which to channel their individual desire to serve others in times of urgent need. BAPS Charities has also been a part of recovery from disaster, including supporting the National September 11 Memorial & Museum.

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