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Weigh Healthy to Stay Healthy: Health Lecture in Westborough, MA

BAPS Charities conducted a health awareness lecture titled ‘Weigh Healthy to Stay Healthy’ in Westborough, MA, on [December 2, 2023, focusing on weight management and addressing the growing concern of obesity. The lecture presented by Dr. Hitesh Bhagat emphasized not just traditional dieting and exercise, but also the importance of healthy food choices and lifestyle changes for maintaining a healthy weight.

Key topics included understanding Body Mass Index (BMI), waist circumference, and health risks associated with excess weight. The lecture also explored factors contributing to weight gain, such as an obesogenic environment and lifestyle choices. Practical advice covered reading food labels, managing diet portions, and moderating carbohydrate and saturated fat intake. The session offered comprehensive guidance on adopting lifestyle changes for long-term weight management and overall health improvement.