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I am Dr. Dhara Jayshanker Trivedi, a Physics Professor at Clarkson University. I received my PhD in Physics from University of Rochester, followed by a postdoctoral fellowship at Northwestern University. My Goals are to be: 1) Ekantik and do more Seva for SwamiShree's raajipoo 2) Better at my professional and personal duties for SwamiShree's raajipoo.

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Walk Green 2018 in Chicago, IL

My Target: $1,000 USDDonations received: $923 USD

BAPS Charities Walk Green 2018 in Chicago, IL is an event to raise funds for The Nature Conservancy and other charitable activities organized by BAPS Charities. This year, BAPS Charities will support The Nature Conservancy’s efforts to plant and restore over… Read more »


The Nature Conservancy

The Nature Conservancy

The Nature Conservancy is a leading conservation organization working around the world to protect ecologically important lands and waters for nature and people. Aided by hundreds of staff scientists, they pursue non confrontational, pragmatic solutions to environmental challenges.

Learn more: http://nature.org

Plant a Billion Trees

Plant a Billion Trees

Plant a Billion Trees is one of The Nature Conservancy's flagship programs. Over the next few years, the Conservancy will work to plant one billion trees in an effort to restore and replant over 1.6 billion acres of natural space. Trees are a critical part of the environment, and essential to producing clean air and water for millions of people in North America.

Learn more: http://www.plantabillion.org/partners

Healthy Trees, Healthy Cities Initiative

Healthy Trees, Healthy Cities Initiative

The Nature Conservancy’s Healthy Trees, Healthy Cities initiative seeks to protect the health of our nation’s trees, forests, and communities by creating a culture of stewardship that engages people in the planting and care of urban trees.

Learn more: https://www.conservationgateway.org/ConservationPractices/cities/hthc/Pages/default.aspx

Bartlett Fire Protection District

Bartlett Fire Protection District

The mission of the Bartlett Fire Protection District is to preserve lives and property in our community by providing services directed at the prevention of fires, accidents, and other emergencies while maintaining the highest standards of professionalism, efficiency, and effectiveness

Learn more: http://bartlettfire.com/

My Supporters

Name Pledge Amount Comments Date
Anonymous $25.00 USD Jun 9, 2018
Iftekhar Naim $25.00 USD Jun 8, 2018
Vaishwik Butala $11.00 USD May 31, 2018
Ishitkumar Gandhi $25.00 USD May 31, 2018
Gurpreet K Arora $25.00 USD May 24, 2018
Sunish Menon $25.00 USD May 20, 2018
Balaraman Rajan $20.00 USD Thank you for the opportunity! May 17, 2018
Anonymous $25.00 USD May 14, 2018
Nivedita Trivedi $50.00 USD May 13, 2018
Anonymous $50.00 USD May 8, 2018
Ashok Das $25.00 USD May 8, 2018
Anonymous $20.00 USD May 6, 2018
Shrikant Trivedi $50.00 USD All the best, Dhara. May 6, 2018
Arnab Kar $10.00 USD May 6, 2018
Falguni Trivedi $25.00 USD Great cause, keep it up. May 5, 2018
Anonymous $10.00 USD May 4, 2018
Khushali Korde $20.00 USD Apr 26, 2018
Anil Patnaik $50.00 USD Great effort and proud of you, Dhara! All the very best for your noble endeavor. Best wishes, Anil bhaya and Dipali bhabi Apr 26, 2018
Anonymous $10.00 USD Apr 25, 2018
Himanshu and Karla $40.00 USD Apr 25, 2018
Anonymous $25.00 USD Apr 24, 2018
Anonymous $25.00 USD Apr 23, 2018
Anonymous $31.00 USD Apr 23, 2018
Manan Pathak $25.00 USD Apr 23, 2018
Anonymous $100.00 USD Apr 23, 2018
RITIKA DAS $20.00 USD Apr 23, 2018
Arnab Sarkar $25.00 USD Apr 23, 2018
Anonymous $40.00 USD Apr 22, 2018
Ganesh Iyer $25.00 USD Apr 22, 2018
Anonymous $20.00 USD Apr 22, 2018
Manank Chawda $25.00 USD Apr 22, 2018
Anonymous $21.00 USD Apr 22, 2018
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