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Over 21,000 People Vaccinated at BAPS Charities, Toronto

The Ontario government worked together with BAPS Charities and the William Osler Health System to establish and operate a pop-up COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic at  BAPS Charities, Toronto, ON. The clinic administered 21,111 vaccines in 24 days and was recognized as one of the most efficient clinics in Ontario.

BAPS Charities volunteers supported the clinic which operated from April 14 to May 7. The volunteers dedicated more than 4,400 hours of volunteer time in the service of the community by helping with parking, ushering, screening, housekeeping, maintenance and as a support team. The volunteers made everyone feel welcome and comfortable.

Yogesh Patel, President of BAPS Charities Canada said, “We appreciate the opportunity given to us to serve the community. We are thankful for the dedication of our volunteers and the great team from William Osler.”


William Osler Health System has been very proud to work with BAPS and be part of this pop-up clinic to vaccinate our community. We’ve had an excellent experience with them and I’m very proud and happy with how this clinic has been organized and run. The services were top-notch. Our patients were served very well, the volunteers worked so well. The nurses and the doctors were taken care of like royalty. I can’t thank BAPS Charities enough.
Dr. Naveed Mohammad, President & CEO, William Osler Health System

I am very proud of everyone involved and the effort it took to get this clinic up and running in such a short amount of time.  In the 24 days we ran the clinic, we were able to administer 21,111 doses. BAPS personally for me was an amazing experience that I will never forget.  BAPS welcomed us with open hearts, helping hands and provided me and my team with much-needed comfort and support.
Patricia Mosnia, Regional Director of Pharmacy, William Osler Health System

Here I’ll have to say (this clinic) is an excellent example of how a strong community organization working with the hospital can impact literally tens of thousands of people.
Dr. Li, Physician, William Osler Health System

Only a few things in life have moved me, you (BAPS) have moved me.
Dr. Rajiv Gupta, Urologist, William Osler Health System

I think that more charities should be doing things like these pop-up clinics and these volunteers have been amazing, volunteering their time. They’re so friendly and helpful and they’re just very welcoming. They’ve welcomed us with open arms and we just feel like we’re part of the family here.
Vaccinator, Nurse

It was easy to find, very quick, very clean, organized, the volunteers are friendly, the nurses were great, overall, great experience.
Sylvia Gomes, Vaccine Patient