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BAPS Charities Hosts International Student Seminar – “Study Techniques” in Toronto

The International Student Seminar: Study Techniques, held on March 26, 2023, was a successful event that provided valuable insights and tips for students on how to enhance their study techniques. The event, organized by BAPS Charities in Toronto, was attended by more than 200 international students.

Dr. Gnanvatsaldas Swami, an international motivational speaker, then virtually delivered an inspiring presentation on the importance and value of hard work during the student phase of life. His words captivated the audience, leaving them with renewed motivation and determination.

The event’s highlight was the presentation and question and answer session with Harsh Thakkar, a professor from Sheridan College. Mr. Thakkar shared his valuable insights on facing cultural changes, building self-confidence, and accepting change. The audience was fully engaged and had the opportunity to ask questions and seek practical answers.

The International Student Seminar ended with concluding remarks from BAPS Charities Canada President Yogesh Patel. Yogesh Patel said, “We would like to thank all the participants, Mr. Harsh Thakkar, and the volunteers of BAPS Charities for making this event a great success. We look forward to organizing more events to help students achieve their full potential.”

The event concluded with wishes of continued peace, harmony, and success for all those that participated. The students left with valuable insights and tips on enhancing their educational experience while studying in Canada.