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BAPS Charities Canada Organizes Activities and Events to Engage Youth

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people live and work. Younger generations, in particular, have had to adapt more so as the pandemic has forced a change in the way they learn, play, socialize, and more.

During these difficult times, BAPS Charities has continued to support youth by hosting leaders from various sectors and backgrounds to speak on pertinent topics through a series of virtual events and seminars. These interactive sessions have provided a unique platform for today’s youths to connect, network, and ask questions to prominent figures in their respective field.

On November 2, 2020, BAPS Charities hosted one such seminar with Jonathan Lee, Strength & Conditioning Coach for the NBA’s Toronto Raptors. During the session, Mr. Lee drew upon personal examples to stress that every individual is capable of achieving whatever they set their minds to, as long as they are dedicated to it and willing to put in the effort. Specifically, Mr. Lee spoke about his journey from immigrating to Canada and serving as a ball boy for the Vancouver Grizzlies to becoming the Team Manager for the Canadian National Basketball Team (2000 Olympics) and then a member of the Toronto Raptors organization, where he won the Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Year award in 2019. Mr. Lee also spoke about and answered questions on the importance of goal setting and selfless service to our communities.

BAPS Charities continues to organize regular activities to engage youth and help them stay connected through virtual seminars and networking sessions on a variety of topics.