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Health Fair 2018 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

On Sunday, September 23, 2018, BAPS Charities hosted the 15th annual community Health Fair in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  Over 400 individuals benefitted from the volunteer services provided by 70 physicians, nurses, and other medical professionals who donated their time to advise participants on preventative care and provide tips to improve general health as well as mental wellbeing.

Number of patients seen by specialty: Internal Medicine/Family practice (75); Ophthalmology/Optometry (65); Podiatry (40); Dentistry (170); Physical Therapy (Physiotherapy) (40), Chiropractor (40); Health Eating Nutrition (70); Homeopathy (40); Naturopathy (25); Yoga & Pranayama (50); Prostate Health (25); Diabetes (150); Prescription Medication Consultation (20); Mindful Medicine (25); DNA Testing Awareness (15).

Number of Screening and Diagnostic Tests:  Blood pressure (210); Obesity (160); Diabetic/glucose screening (230); Dental exam (170); Eye exam (40); Bone density screening/DEXA (120); Audiometry/Hearing Screening (60); Blood Type Classification (45).

Health Workshops: Canadian Diabetes Association:   ABC’s of Diabetes by Dr. Prebtani,  Eating Healthy for Diabetes by Ms. Fyazi

Health Lectures: University Health Network (Princess Margaret Cancer Centre):  Cancer Awareness by Dr. Amit Oza

Supporting Organizations: William Osler Health Services, UHN – Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, The Hospital for Sick Children, Blood Services Canada, Heart and Stroke Foundation, Canadian Diabetes Association.


“This health fair makes such a difference in our community. I cannot say thank you enough to BAPS Charities for doing this. I see first-hand the difference that BAPS Charities makes here in Toronto, in Canada and around the world. From the annual walk, to planting trees to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and climate change, to the health fair, to the support for women, BAPS Charites makes such a difference here in Canada and world-wide.”

                                           – The Hon. Kirsty Duncan, Minister of Science and Minister of Sport and Persons with Disabilities

“BAPS Charities is a phenomenal organization that has now been hosting this for 15 years. BAPS Charities does so much for not only this community but around the world. You have the annual walkathon that also gives back in so many ways to so many different charities. If every other organization participated to the extent that BAPS Charities does, this world would be a much better place for all of us.”

                                              – Councillor Vincent Crisanti, Ward 1 – Etobicoke