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COVID-19 Pandemic: Senior Volunteers of BAPS Charities Help to Make 1,700 Care Packages, Toronto, ON

The senior volunteers of BAPS Charities helped to make 1,700 care packages for distribution to seniors, international students and families in need. Each care package contained a set of reusable face mask for the family, hand sanitizers, and a flyer with COVID-19 prevention tips. These packages were then distributed by the volunteers of BAPS Charities in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec.

The initiative was a joint effort between BAPS Charities, NatuVerex who provided the much needed high-quality reusable masks and Purity Med Labs (Toronto) who provided the hand sanitizers to include in the care packages. The packages were put together by the senior volunteers and deliveries were made with the assistance of the youth volunteers of BAPS Charities.

“Seniors living in isolation during the pandemic are excited just to receive a phone call. You can imagine how heartwarming it was to receive a thoughtfully prepared care package delivered to my doorstep. As we opened the package we got the feeling that someone really cares for us. The seniors who assembled the packages and the youth who delivered them all deserve compliments. We offer our deep gratitude to BAPS Charities for the tremendous work you do to support the community” said Pradip Brahmbhatt, a senior community member.

“Each of the volunteers who made the deliveries were coached on the proper etiquette of delivering the packages. As per health care recommendations, they strictly ensured sanitary practices in the packaging and delivery process. Our senior team members would call ahead to inform the families that our youth volunteers would be dropping off a care package at their doorstep. After the drop-off, they would call again to ensure that the families had retrieved the packages”, explained Rajni Kotecha, BAPS Charities Senior Volunteer.

“We received a proposal from our seniors wing to help create care packages containing protective face masks and hand sanitizers for distribution to the community in need. This noble act helped to both engage the seniors in helping others while addressing a dire shortage being faced in the community.”, said Yogi Patel, Director of Operations at BAPS Charities, Canada.

To date, BAPS Charities has distributed over 6,800 care packages to seniors, students and families across Canada.