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BAPS Charities Extends Help to Victims of Tornado in Barrie, ON

More than 50 BAPS Charities volunteers provided humanitarian relief aid in Barrie, Ontario on July 23-24 after a devastating tornado struck the area.

On July 15th, 2021, a catastrophic tornado left a trail of destruction in the suburbs of Barrie, Ontario, leaving more than 70 homes uninhabitable and over 100 people displaced. The havoc caused by the devastating storm left Barrie and surrounding communities in shock. To help those in need, the senior volunteers of BAPS Charities proactively reached out to the Mayor and City Council of Barrie to offer support and assistance towards relief and restoration efforts.

BAPS Charities volunteers across Ontario travelled to Barrie to clear fallen trees, remove debris and clear a path to gain safe access in the area designated by City Council. Altogether, they dedicated over 500 hours of time to serve the community.

Inspired by the tireless efforts of the BAPS Charities volunteers, many residents also gathered to join the relief efforts. Herc Rentals Equipment, and Grainger Canada, provided the necessary safety equipment and tools for the volunteers. The volunteers of BAPS Charities based in Barrie provided hot meals for all of the volunteers. Community leaders also arrived at the clean-up site to show their support for the BAPS Charities relief effort.

Witnessing the selfless acts of service, a local resident, Julie Brown said, “These people have been amazing. Their kindness, their gentleness, their work ethic, and their team effort have been fantastic.”

Sergio Morales, Councillor for Ward 9, Barrie said, “Beyond the logistical cleanup that BAPS Charities provided to the impacted residents, their selflessness to helping people they had never met achieved something else – it restored a sense of community in Barrie, a belief that people can do good for the sake of helping their fellow humans. BAPS Charities, Barrie is forever thankful!”

Impressed with the commitment and enthusiasm of BAPS Charities volunteers, Andrea Khanjin, MPP for Barrie – Innisfil, tweeted, “Rain or shine today BAPS Charities showed the Ontario Spirit by helping clean up tree debris from the #barrietornado. From doctors to business owners to college students they all came to help.”

“BAPS Charities is proud to be able to help in the clean-up and restoration after this devastating tornado”, said Yogesh Patel, President of BAPS Charities, Canada. “We thank our senior volunteers for organizing this relief effort and all volunteers for their dedication and for working with a spirit of service.