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BAPS Charities Canada distributes 1,300 Care Packages to Families in Need

BAPS Charities in collaboration with BAPS Shayona, Canada, donated 1,300 care packages to seniors, international students and needy families during these critical times. The initiative was a joint effort of the volunteers of BAPS Charities and BAPS Shayona for the packing and distribution of the care packages containing fresh sweets and snacks within the GTA area.

“When we heard that many international students had lost their part-time jobs and seniors and other families were struggling to go out to buy groceries due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we volunteered to pack all of our available food and with the help of BAPS Charities distribute it to those vulnerable families ”, said Ramesh Kanani, Operational Manager.  “This is the least we can do. I humbly request others to come forward and extend their support to help address the immediate needs of the community during this difficult time.”

A significant portion of the deliveries were made to families that are in need. Each of the volunteers who made the deliveries were coached on the proper etiquette of delivering the packages.  As per health care recommendations, they strictly ensured sanitary practices in the packaging and delivery process. They called ahead to inform the families that our volunteers would be dropping off a care package at their doorstep. After the drop-off, they called to ensure that the families had retrieved the packages.

All those who received the care packages were extremely grateful for the support. “My wife and I are finding it difficult to shop at the stores,”  said Ramesh Patel, a senior recipient of the snacks and sweets. “The care package is very helpful and I am grateful for the incredible support that you have given us through this difficult time.”