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Workshop on ‘Understanding the Power of the Mind’ in Toronto, ON

BAPS Charities hosted a unique educational and networking workshop, ‘Understanding the Power of the Mind’, for international female students on Saturday, February 2, 2019, in Toronto, ON.

Through a variety of presentations, group activities and games, the workshop provided the opportunity for more than 40 recent international students to network not only with each other but also with young professionals who have grown up in Canada. It gave the students a forum to discuss challenges and possible solutions to living as international students in Canada with experienced colleagues and mentors.

After the opening ceremony, Ms. Namisha Sagar, an elementary teacher, led an interactive session on setting and achieving goals through hard work and determination. The networking lunch that followed allowed the participants to bond with one another, as well as with the presenters. In the afternoon, Ms. Aarti Patel, Principal, Elementary School, Toronto District School Board led a motivational workshop on the theme “You Can!” which helped participants build confidence through recognizing their accomplishments, abilities, and strengths. 

In conveying the benefit of the workshop, Ms. Kinnari Parekh, an international student from Kenya said, “We had a great experience at this event especially because we were all together.  The theme of ‘You Can’ is an important statement and it will help me when I am demotivated and it will give me encouragement. I thank all the volunteers of BAPS Charities who showed lots of support and caring for international students.”

Interspersed within the day’s events were various competitions, like cook-offs and sports tournaments, to build teamwork amongst the students. “We got a chance to meet new friends,” said Ms. Sweta Patel, an international student from India, “The cook-off gave us an opportunity to cook, eat and celebrate togetherness.  By this small activity, we learned the important lesson of teamwork.” In relaying her appreciation of the event, Ms. Urvi Oza, an international student from India stated, “This event was very inspiring and positive. I really liked all the presentations and games.  I miss my parents and friends.  However, after coming to this workshop, I feel like my home is very close.”

The successful event for international female students concluded with closing ceremonies, and an award ceremony for the competition winners followed by a dinner with newfound friends and mentors.