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BAPS Charities organizes Enjoyable Trip for Seniors to Chicago

From August 2-5, 2019, 112 senior citizens between the ages of 65-84 participated in the BAPS Charities Seniors Trip 2019. The trip was an opportunity to bring together senior citizens from Toronto, Scarborough, and the Cambridge area to Windsor, Chicago, and Detroit to attend a heritage event.  For many, this was the first trip away from home in a long time, and the smiles on their faces showed their excitement.

The group was warmly welcomed by local seniors in the cities of Detroit and Chicago. They spent their days sightseeing with the seniors from the host cities exchanging tips on how to engage their time in hobbies, involvement in local communities, and mentoring younger generations.  

The trip was organized by senior volunteers of BAPS Charities who handled the logistics including transportation, accommodation, and meals. “Planning and executing this event made me and my team feel that seniors still have a lot of energy and a lot to offer. The smiles on our fellow seniors made our day.”, said Rajni Kotecha, BAPS Charities Seniors Activities Coordinator.

The seniors thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to travel independently, experience new places, and make new friends.  “When we got back from the trip I could not stop talking to my family about all of the exciting things we did. I thank BAPS Charities for organizing such events for seniors. We can’t wait for the next trip”, said Navin Patel.

“The activities of BAPS Charities, whether it is a senior’s trip, charity walkathon event, blood donor drive, Children’s Health and Safety Day, health fair or health lectures, engage community members of all ages in the spirit of service”, said Shirish Shah, President of BAPS Charities.