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BAPS Charities Hosts COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic 2022 in Toronto, ON

Vaccines have shown evidence of generating strong immune responses against the COVID-19 virus. The scientific community and public officials have emphasized that widespread vaccination is essential in battling the pandemic.

To support the health and safety of the community, BAPS Charities hosted a COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic in Toronto, Canada, from January 29 – 30, 2022, in collaboration with the Government of Ontario. The clinic offered first, second and booster doses to those who were eligible and benefitted more than 150 community members, including young children, adults, and seniors. This was the second successful vaccine drive hosted by BAPS Charities in Toronto. Last year over 21,000 people were vaccinated.

Through the support of professional medical staff, participants were guided through the registration process, received their vaccinations, and were provided post-vaccination care. BAPS Charities volunteers played an essential role in ensuring that the vaccinated patients had a pleasant and smooth experience. In particular, the volunteers assisted in providing physical distanced flow, sanitization protocols, and translation services where required.

“BAPS Charities is pleased to host another vaccine clinic to support the community,” said Yogesh Patel, President of BAPS Charities Canada. “We are grateful to the volunteers of BAPS Charities who welcomed the families coming for vaccines and took care to make children feel relaxed and comfortable.”

BAPS Charities has been actively engaged in various COVID-19 relief efforts across the world. In Canada, BAPS Charities has supported communities by donating PPE to hospitals, distributing care packages, donating food to food banks, and hosting a COVID-19 mass vaccination clinic in Toronto.