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Donations to Deep Sea Slum Fire Tragedy – BAPS Charities, Nairobi

Hundreds of families in Nairobi’s Deep Sea Slum on Wednesday 9th April, 2014 slept in the cold after their houses were burnt in an afternoon blaze.

In response to the tragedy BAPS Charities in conjunction with the Red Cross on Thursday 10th April 2014 donated 50 mattresses, 50 blankets and 50 sets of assorted clothing to the families affected by the fire.

After consulting with Red Cross officials it was evident that the 5,000 slum dwellers left homeless were in need of dry food stuff. BAPS Charities mobilized it resources and put together an essential food pack that contained: Maize Flour, Rice, Beans, Cooking Fat and Salt that would last a family of 5 at least a week.

On Sunday 13th April 2014, members of the BAPS Charities team distributed 225 food packs to the victims of the fire.

Speaking during the distribution, Nitin Mandaliya, Member of the BAPS Charities said “We are extremely saddened with the tragedy and have mobilized our teams to try and support the victims with the most basic requirements to get them resettled. We would like to appreciate our sponsors and donors as it is through their contributions that we are able to respond to such a calamity.”