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Tree Planting – September 2015, Nairobi

Nairobi, 20th September 2015: BAPS Charities in conjunction with KENVO plants 5,000 trees at the southernmost tip of the Aberdare Forest Ranges

The Aberdares are the water catchment area for the Sasumua dam and the Ndakaini dam, which provide most of the water for Nairobi. The mountain forests are also catchment areas for the Tana River, the largest river in Kenya.

A total of 220 BAPS Charities volunteers joined KENVO (Kijabe Environment Volunteers) in planting 5,000 seedling at the Kereita Forest. Funds raised during the BAPS Charities Annual Walkathon in 2015 were utilized to buy the seedlings and host the event. As part of our Environmental pillar, BAPS Charities works to bring awareness of the important environmental issues we face in the community. We achieve this by participating and supporting initiatives such as tree-plantings, water conservation campaigns and promotion of renewable energy sources.

Through such tree planting projects, BAPS Charities is committed to building a program that will help improve our forest coverage over the years; partnerships with organizations such as KENVO who in turn work with local communities helps us drive this.