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Caring for Orphans at the New Life Home Trust – October 26th 2014, Nairobi

On Sunday 26th October, BAPS Charities volunteered at New Life Home Trust ( in Kilimani. The Kilimani home brings in and caters for orphaned babies from a few days old to 6 months after which they are moved to their satellite homes in Nakuru, Nyeri and Kisumu. Currently, the home cares for 43 children in total.

As BAPS Charities continue to explore how we can support New Life Home Trust on a long term sustainable program, the Director at Home said that one of their largest needs is volunteer assistance especially on weekends when they have to give their staff the weekend off. According to the Department of Children Services New Life Home has to maintain a 1 caregiver to 5 children ratio at all times. 

BAPS Charities specifically volunteered at the Babies 3-6 months ward, assisting the caregivers in changing, feeding, playing and putting the babies to bed. We donated close to a 1,000 diapers, 40 cans of formula milk and an assortment of other supplies.

The experience was a truly humbling and fulfilling one for the volunteers.

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